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More than 60 Years of Experience in Top-Quality Lead Extrusion Equipment

Consistent development over decades, staff expertise, service as a core competence and close partnership with our customers have contributed to our success. These core competences have been our fundamental claim in the past and will be in future.

HFSAB facts and figures

- Business Year 2023 / 2024 -

Mio SEK Turnover
Delivered Lead Extruders since 1949
Customers worldwide
% Export ratio

Core industries

Cable industry with a focus on LV/MV/HV and EHV cables, ESP pump cables, cablings for the oil and gas industry, submarine cables, oil-impregnated paper cables, telecommunication cables and rubber cables vulcanised under a lead sheath.

Core business

  • Manufacture of lines and machinery for continuous extrusion of lead and lead alloys
  • Manufacture of cable repair and recovery system as well as cable stripping machinery
  • Machine upgrades
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Original spare and wear parts
  • Global on-site and remote service 
  • In-house service and modernisation

Memberships – Co-operations

Networking, co-operations and information exchange are substantial in our globalized world. We are members in several renowned associations.

Being the world’s most recycled metal with unique properties, we consider lead an essential element to contribute to our planet’s sustainable and green future. Apart from sheathing a wide spectrum of cables, lead is used in many everyday life applications such as vehicle batteries, power backup units for mobile radio masts, renewable energy storage systems, solar and wind farms as well as life saving X-ray and scanning appliances – to put it in a nutshell: Lead Matters!


HFSAB proudly supports the Lead Matters initiative. 

Find out more on the Lead Matters microsite or download the case study about lead sheathed cables directly here.

History of HFSAB

a journey through time

The founding stone of HFSAB was laid in the 1930s, then based on the requirement of rubber cable for vacuum cleaners. After several years of development of lead extruders, H. Folke Sandelin AB was incorporated in 1958.

In 2013, HFSAB became a member of the NIEHOFF Group. Today, HFSAB is the leading manufacturer of lead extruders for lead sheathed cable. 


Development of the horizontal lead extruder type 5


HFSAB became a member of the NIEHOFF Group


Establishment of a sales partnership with NIEHOFF


HFSAB was relocated to our present facility in Motala, Sweden


Horizontal lead extruders type 3 and type 4 with automated control system were introduced to the market


H. Folke Sandelin AB was founded by Mr. H. Folke Sandelin and Mr. Agar Runevall


Hansson Robertson commercialised the continuous lead extruder in the vertical design


The first continuous lead extruder was introduced to the market


Bror Hansson developed the world’s first prototype continuous lead extruder

You want to know more about HFSAB or our products? 

Get in touch, we welcome you to talk with us.

H. Folke Sandelin AB
Postal address:
Box 4086
SE-591 04 Motala, Sweden
Delivery / Visiting address:
Dynamovägen 7,
SE-591 61 Motala, Sweden
+46 141 20 36 30
+46 141 20 36 39