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The Cable Repair and Recovery System has been specifically designed to assist cable manufacturers when a problem occurs during the normal cable manufacturing process.
Unfortunately accidents do happen and this equipment is your solution to repair the damage.


This latest design of machine has the possibility of:

- Remove an outer jacket of PE, PVC, HDPE, etc without any damage to the cable layer below it, thus enabling the outer jacket to be re-applied and the cable repaired.

- Remove the metallic sheath of the cable without damaging the moisture expansion tapes or any other kind of cable layer below it, thus allow the re-application of the metallic sheath.

- Remove the triple XLPE insulation from the conductor core without damage to the expensive cable core and thus allow the conductor to be re-used.



Even if the cable is just going to be scrapped, the metal price differences for insulated or un-insulated cables are very large and the equipment would have a very short pay-back period, if the metals are scrapped in there “bright” form.
In summary it’s a very accurate and simple to use cable repair and recovery system where a faulty cable layer can be removed and re-applied or a fast and easy way of breaking a cable down into its metal and plastic elements for a cost effective means to maximising scrap values.

 Download CRRS Brochure (PDF)     Download Model SM-H Brochure (PDF)

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